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We are offering palmoil on regular basis subject unsold.
Below you may find the terms and conditions under which we are selling this commodity:


Parameter Test value
1. Free Fatty Acid: as % Oleic: Max: 0.05
Moisture & Impurities: %: Max: 0.05
Taste: Bland
lodine Value (Wijs): g 12/100g: Min: 48 / Max: 56
Melting Point: °C: 38
Oxidative Stability: Rancimat
120 °C, hours: Min: 11
Density 20°C: kg/m3: 912
Density 50°C: kg/m3: 892
Flame Point: °C: 360
Flash Point: °C: 320
Viscosity: 50°C: mm2/s: 28
Carbon Residue: w.t%: 0.20
Cetane Number: 50
Caloric Value: kj/kg: Min: 37 000

The parameters of the specification may vary depending on refinery.


Parameter Test value
1. Free Fatty Acid (as Palmitic) %: Max. 0.1
Moisture & Impurities (AOCS Ca 20-25) %: Max: 0.1
lodine Value (AOCS cd 1-25): 50 ... 55 Min
Slip Melting Point (AOCS Cc 3-25): 33 ... 39 °C Max
Color (Lovibond 5.25 cell): 3 ... 6 Red Max

The parameters of the specification may vary depending on refinery.

At seller's choice

Minimum contract quantity
- For spot shipments: 5,000MT (five thousand metric tons)
- For annual contracts: 2,000MT (two thousand metric tons) x 12 months

- If shipment equal or above 12,500MT: In bulk in special vegoil vessel
- If shipment below 12,500MT: flexible tanks


For annual contract:

  • Buyer-Bank shall issue a transferrable Bank-Guarantee / SBLC / LC, covering a one month’ quantity and being valid till end of contract + 1 month.
  • Each invoice shall be paid by an irrevocable, transferrable letter of credit, covering a monthly quantity or by MT 103 against documents as per contract.
  • Credit available by negotiation of documents at Seller's Bank-Counter.
  • Letter of Credit shall be opened by Prime Bank acceptable to Seller / Seller-Bank.

For spot lots:

  • By irrevocable transferable letter of credit, payable 100% at sight covering total quantity contracted.

Performance bond:
Where applicable.

Shipping time
Approximately 30 days after availability and acceptance of funds

SGS inspection (quality, quantity) at port of loading
At seller’s expense

SGS inspection (quality, quantity) at port of unloading
At buyer’s expense

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