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TRADEX AUSSENHANDEL GMBH is a German FOREIGN TRADE COMPANY and was established in 1990 in succession of a well-reputated Import – Export company which was founded in 1924 belonging to the family of the present owner of TRADEX AUSSENHANDEL GMBH.

During several years of activities in England and the Netherlands the owner of the company got acquainted with the worldwide Trade in all aspects.


Today’s global market requires flexibility in a widely spread operation with the ability to serve the clients in different countries worldwide. Therefore, we have multi-lingual ( incl. the Russian language ) and skilled partners assisting in these efforts.

Through our agents in different countries worldwide we negotiate directly with the producers or exporters of the various commodities and have established reliable partnerships.

So, we are in a position to serve you the best possible way and with these websites we want to introduce to you the products we handle and how we are organized to serve you as a partner.

The long-term cooperation with both our buyers and sellers is based on

  • an open and fair partnership with transparent terms and conditions for both buyers and sellers
  • high business ethics as guidelines for all our partners
  • long-term relationships to our partners in this international trade
  • the availability of the most up-to-date communication facilities assuring prompt and close connections with our business partners worldwide
  • Our continous growth by incorporating successfully new lines of products is strenthening our market position for the benefit of our clients worldwide.


  • Member of the German chamber of commerce + industry
  • Member of the Federal association of foreign trade
  • Member of the Foreign trade council of the federal association of foreign trade

TRADEX Aussenhandel GmbH
Address: Germany, D-74074 Heilbronn, Alexanderstr. 64
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