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October, 2016

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August, 2016

Products, specifications and conditions have been updated.

Welcomed to our website!

We are a foreign trade company with more than 25 years experiences in dealing with worldwide commodities.

For a number of products we are representing manufacturers and exporters which makes our business more flexible, serious and reliable. Our products are being sold worldwide.

We hope that our website is a welcome addition to information which you may have available from other sources.

Our products

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This section includes the products which we are offering on regular basis.

Please use the above horizontal pull-down menu and make your choice.

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This section includes our present actual requirements.

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Here you may find our latest news and PRICES being related to our special product offers, our activities or other possible news.  

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This section includes downloadable documents like specifications, speci-
men of "Letters of Intent",   BCL draft, analysis results and other docu-

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Terms and conditions

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Our terms and conditions, procedure and a disclaimer.

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Our activities


We are a foreign trade company with more than 25 years experiences in dealing with worldwide commodities and other products.

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